Energy systems

Within the energy systems there will be much attention for: Faecal sludge treatment and thermal energy from biogas

The assignment is to develop a sanitation-biogas system for ca. 200 people, the produced gas can be used for locally needed thermal energy. At the same time it will solve part of the problem regarding the organic waste management in the emergency area. Appropriate faecal sludge treatment is very important to avoid groundwater pollution and water born diseases.

Requirements are:

  • To pasteurize the sludge.
  • The system should produce about 15-20 m3 of biogas per day based on faeces and household kitchen waste collection. This is a relatively small amount of gas.

Key tasks are to set up:

  • A pasteurizer for the sludge treatment.  
  • A digester unit for the actual biogas generation, based on actual state-of-the-art situations and light-weight and flexible materials for optimized transport.
  • A collection system for excreta, taking into account the strict hygiene reasons. It is expected that a decentralized system will be developed as it can be collected at camp level. The collection system will be developed in close collaboration with WP3 which is responsible for the Water and  Sanitation solutions

For all three units, the options given by WP1 requirements will be applied, thus using light weight, flexible (textile) based solutions.