WP4: Infrastructure: medical, energy, re-building

The assignment for Work package 4 is to develop the following ideas:

  • The production of thermal energy system with the methane gas coming from the (emergency) sanitation unit
  • To develop a kit module that can be used for debris recuperation and re-use of damaged facilities
  • The provision of ‘fabrics’ with photovoltaic cells to generate electricity
  • To develop container-based medical infrastructure

These assignments have been divided over various companies and organizations, based on their experiences and expertise.


This deliverable presents solutions to provide systems based on photovoltaic panels for electricity for lighting, charging of electronics, etc. In particular, two different specific solutions have been developed:

  • Socket embedded in...

A document showing the essentials of the hospitainer a semi-permanent to long-term solution for lacking medical infrastructure, based on 20ft containers.

deliverable covers the design phase and first evaluation of the various
potential kits of container based medical infrastructure.

This deliverable analyses existing small-scale and / or flexible digester types and describes own developed of alternative ideas for flexible digesters.

This deliverable, covers the first phase of the development of the so-called Mobile Recycling Kit (MRK),and reports on the definition and design phase of the kits.

In April 2013 S(P)EEDKITS partner De Mobiele Fabriek, (DMF) was on the Dutch television program of RTLZ called ‘RTL Duurzaam’(in English: “RTL sustainable”). During this (sponsored) TV interview DMF explained their concept and S(P)EEDKITS on national...