To ensure that S(P)EEDKITS developments and prototypes become actual products, we started to work as soon as feasible with external partners for commercialisation.

This has lead to some very successful partnerships:

  • By now Flexxolutions has sold over one hundred units of the raised latrines
  • ROM has already sold several items of the desludging kit
  • and WRG is offering the water tower kit.
  • external partner Ferrino is in the process of commercialising the Multipurpose tent
  • Flexiway Solar Solutions/NRS is in a similar situation but then for the Shelter Socket.

Please have a look at the following video testimonies from the external partners about their experiences with S(P)EEDKITS:

The S(P)EEDKITS consortium wants to explicitly thank the external partners for their testimonies and, of course, for the collaboration.