To ensure that S(P)EEDKITS developments and prototypes become actual products, we started to work as soon as feasible with external partners for commercialisation.

This has lead to some very successful partnerships:

  • By now Flexxolutions has sold over one hundred units of the raised latrines
  • ROM has already sold several items of the desludging kit
  • and WRG is offering the water tower kit.
  • external partner Ferrino is in the process of commercialising the Multipurpose tent
  • Flexiway Solar Solutions/NRS is in a similar situation but then for the Shelter Socket.

Please have a look at the following video testimonies from the external partners about their experiences with S(P)EEDKITS:

  • Ferrino – Multipurpose Tent (WP2)
  • WRG – Water Tower Kit (WP3)
  • Desluding kit – ROM (WP3)
  • Shelter Socket – Flexiway Solar Solutions (WP4)
  • We also invite you to read the testimony of Flexxolutions on the Raised Latrine (WP3).

The S(P)EEDKITS consortium wants to explicitly thank the external partners for their testimonies and, of course, for the collaboration.