WP1: Packaging

Emergency Response Units (ERU) must be on-site as soon as possible, as they can save lives and provide health and dignity to victims. They must be intelligently designed with respect to easy and quick sending and installing. Time, weight and volume are aspects costing money. Especially in emergency situations when transport options are limited costs can add up quickly.

Therefore, the S(P)EEDKITS programme focuses on reducing weight, removing redundant aspects and minimizing volume.

To achieve this, collapsible solutions and folding mechanisms, already used end tested in other fields of industrial products, will be applied. In addition, by standardizing measurements, the “matryoshka doll´ principle can be applied in order to minimize the volume for sending. An additional criterion is that the packages should be made easy to handle during transport.



The first deliverable of Work Package 1 reporting on the basic guidelines the group has developed for so-called smart packaging....

This deliverable is summarizing the guidelines for the generic S(P)EEDKITS packaging concept. It has the goal to reinforce the practical usability of the kits being developed in the other Work Packages.