Container-based medical infrastructure

The prototype of a container-based medical center, the so-called Hospitainer, will be extended and expanded in this project. The units can be re-used or handed over to the local medical authorities. Expected lifetime is up to 30-40 years.

Container modules

The prototype of the Hospitainer consists of a few containers including Operation Theatre, Pre- and Post OT room, staff room, sterilization area and storage space. The Hospitainer has a modular approach, so additional functions can be added. For example, an X-ray, a communication unit, a maternity and a laboratory container module are developed already. All other kind of functions can be integrated within containers as well.

Autonomous rapid deployment Hospital

Within the project, an autonomous rapid deployment hospital will be developed, using the different container modules. Main requirements of this hospital are:

  • Containers will be used for areas with high hygienic demands
  • Tents (developed within WP2) can be used for areas with limited hygienic demands.
  • Installations regarding energy generation (WP4.2), water and sanitation (WP3) will be developed and integrated to increase the independency and autonomy of the hospital.
  • Including basic medical equipment and furnishing.
  • Plug and play system (installed in containers).
  • Modular approach, upscalable with 40 beds a time.
  • Extendable in time
  • Rapid deployable
  • Ready to use
  • Transport in containers.

Mobile hospital

Within the S(p)eedkits project, a prototype of a mobile container hospital is developed as well . This hospital can visit different areas or will stay mobile in hostile situations. The prototype is equipped with an Operation Theatre, pre- and post Opertation Theatre room and a small area for washing and sterilizing. This hospital is plug and play and can function autonomously as well.