Project info

Humanitarian organizations emergency response units (ERU) are used immediately after a disaster strikes. They are supposed to provide first aid support in terms of medical care, drinking water, sanitation, basic energy needs.

S(P)EEDKITS is working on ERUs that can save the lives of hundreds of people and improve the lives of millions in the first days, but also weeks after a disaster, and puts the seeds for rebuilding the futures of generations.

S(P)EEDKITS will systematically examine existing ERUs on their strengths and shortcomings. Then, complementary features and new concepts will be developed to drastically reduce the volume and weight for transportation, and improve their performance.

The S(P)EEDKITS partners in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway and Germany work together on:

  • innovative lightweight though durable and thermally insulating tents,
  • novel concepts for bio-energy use (from human waste for the sterilization of the very same waste),
  • light weight textiles to store and distribute water and
  • smart packaging (transportable bags on euro-pallet in 10-feet container)

Furthermore the S(P)EEDKITS programme facilitates innovation such as debris recuperation and re-use, and use of waste materials for energy and resource recovery on the principle that reconstruction starts soon after the victims of the disaster are recovered.

The S(P)EEDKITS’designs are to be deployed in an affected city, improvised camp or scattered rural region) on a short notice in order to support the transformation of the ‘temporary’ post-disaster situation towards the rebuilding of economic and social life.