WP3: WATSAN (Water & Sanitation)

S(P)EEDKITS’ sanitation and water experts will be responsible for the development of the emergency facilities around water and sanitation.

The tasks include:

  • Setting out preconditions for the emergency and sanitation kits
  • Development and testing of sanitation kits including raised latrines, desludging & transport equipment, and fecal sludge treatment and disposal equipment
  • Development and testing of water kits including small potable water bags, semi-manual drilling equipment and water reservoirs
  • User manual and training module development

To facilitate easy deployment of the watsan facilities the focus will be on the packaging criteria as set by WP 1 (Packaging)


A unique report on the testing of desludging equipment. We present the findings of nine-months field work in Malawi on desludging of sometimes difficult to access pit latrines with sometimes solid sludge.
Three types of desludging equipment were...

This Raised Latrine is a design from WASTE. It is lightweight, fits on a euro-pallet. It is simple to set up and designed to be easily cleaned and maintained.

This deliverable contains a detailed definition of the requirements and
specifications of the watsan kits. The full document gives already the
first ideas for the kits towards concept and design.

This document reports on the further development of the various watsan kits (concept, design, early prototype) as well as the next steps to be taken. Not all kits under development follow exactly the same path or timing. Most important is that the work...

From January to April 2014, five master students from Unesco IHE and TU Delft ventured to Blantyre Malawi
to conduct experiments on pit latrine sludge. The aim of the field work was to investigate simple, low-tech faecal sludge sanitation methods...