Shelter Research Unit

Main role in S(P)EEDKITS

IFRC-SRU (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies – Shelter Research Unit), as representative of the ‘end-user’ within the project, provides insight into the practice of humanitarian intervention to the consortium and as such is involved in many of the Work Packages around design.
In this role IFRC-SRU has taken the lead in the development of improved shelter types to ensure that they will be relevant for the humanitarian sector (WP2). IFRC-SRU is also involved in the activities around recuperation and recycling of debris to produce viable habitat, on community scale (WP4). In addition, IFRC-SRU provides related feed-back from field experience in logistics to support the design and conceptualization of modular packaging (WP1). And lastly, the practical experiences of IFRC-SRU will provide the necessary data to build the knowledge base for the development of the shelter module of the decision support tool (WP5).

Brief description of the organization:

The IFRC-Shelter Research Unit (IFRC-SRU) was established on initiative of the Benelux Red Cross Societies in cooperation with the IFRC Shelter and Settlements Department in Geneva, to build up technical capacities and resources in sheltering within the Red Cross Red Crescent movement and for the wider humanitarian shelter sector.x

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