Stichting Practica

Main role in S(P)EEDKITS

PRACTICA focuses on R&D for low-tech, affordable and resilient water and energy related technologies and it is also involved in the development of the emergency water decision support tools  (with the working title: S(P)EEDWater). As such they are directly involved in the development and realization of:

  1. (semi) manual drilling kits, which included a Rotary Jetting kit and a simple mechanized version of either a manual percussion or sludging kit;
  2. An improved Pico PV product with an integrated solution to fix the PV panels on refugee shelters;
  3. A decision support tool that functions as a knowledge base and decision-support tool for applicable water supply and treatment methods in emergency reponse-contexts;
  4. A low-cost and easy-to-transport waterbag for refugees.

Brief description of the organisation

PRACTICA Foundation is a Dutch Non-profit organization with a field office in Madagascar and activities primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia. The organization facilitates research, development and commercial application of resilient technological methods in the field of water and energy. PRACTICA focuses on the simultaneous cost reduction and quality improvement of technology implementation. With years of experience in supporting/aiding  local implementing organizations, PRACTICA has developed a solid understanding of how technology can fit, work, spread, and provide means for people to become less vulnerable by working their way out of poverty. Core areas of interest include technologies as manual well drilling, well rehabilitation, water filter systems, lift and suction pumps, irrigation technologies, the utilization of solar energy and low-cost sanitation,.

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