Millson BV

Main role in S(P)EEDKITS

Within S(P)EEDKITs, Milson is the main partner in realising a novel design of container-level solutions for crucial emergency kits: medical centre, command centre, addition infrastructure. As such, Milson will be heavily involved in Water & Sanitation (WP4) and in the demonstration of the solutions (WP6 ).

Brief description of the organisation

Millson is a company started by Rolof Mulder in 1996 to develop applications on the Web for use in developing nations and in the West. The mission of the company is to help people (in remote areas) with communication and education based on ICT, helping them become self-supporting. In 2009 the focus of Millson shifted to supplying (mobile) hospitals for rural areas and emergency situations. ICT is incorporated into the medical solution.

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