S(P)EEDKITS demonstrates innovative shelter and tent solutions in Senegal

The FP7 project S(P)EEDKITS performed a successful deployment of shelter and tent solutions in North-Senegal: a novel type of emergency housing consisting of a “clever roof” and complementary “cocoon” were handed out to the local population as demonstration. Further, a novel multipurpose tent and a modular warehouse tent were setup at the local headquarters of the Senegalese Red Cross. The field deployment of the developed prototypes allowed the consortium partners to gather valuable information to still do a final fine tuning of the solutions before going commercial.

An impression in pictures

The set-up of the clever roof and cocoon was explained to the local population with the help of the local Senegalese Red Cross.

The proposed solutions could count on large interest of the local people.

Then, the local population set-up the handed out units themselves.

The IKEA style manuals proofed useful.

When returning two days later, both clever roof (above) and cocoon (below) were well integrated in the village.