Software tool

The aim of this task is to develop a web based software tool suited for central operational planning and local assessment of the situation.
Requirements the software tool will:

  • be easily accessible for  users (coordinator or supervisor of recovery activities)
  • be used via a web browser by PC, smartphone or PDA.
  • make use of interactive maps
  • make use of GPS positioning
  • have access to the central database from the tracking tool

Deployment Support Tool

The starting point of this tool is the decision tool developed by the partner WASTE that helps to determine which type of sanitation system is the most appropriate in which situations. The expansion of this tool will result that additional modules will be implemented to support the following activities occurring in emergency situations:

Simple Optimal Packaging

With the BoPiC (Bag on Pallet in Container) principle in mind S(P)EEDKITS will apply best-practices from other industrial sectors (nautical, aerospace, furniture, outdoor living) with respect to packaging solutions. There is a preference to work with flexible textile materials, allowing collapsible and space-saving unit options.

An important concern for S(P)EEDKITS is that all packaging materials can be (re)used for other purposes when delivered at the emergency site.

WP5: Deployment & transport

Main tasks of this Work package are to develop

  • The Decision Support Tool (DST) for determining which units and which type of unit should be deployed as well as prioritized in the emergency area.
  • The Tracking System: to tag the individual transported packages
  • Software tool suited for central operational planning & for local assessment of the situation