The first deliverable of Work Package 1 reporting on the basic guidelines the group has developed for so-called smart packaging....

This deliverable is summarizing the guidelines for the generic S(P)EEDKITS packaging concept. It has the goal to reinforce the practical usability of the kits being developed in the other Work Packages.

This deliverable presents the designs for four types of sheltering systems: Type 01 - Clever Roof; Type 02 – Multipurpose Unit; Type 03 – SmartTARP for transitional shelter and Type 04 – Mobile Modular Unit.

A short update on the development of shelters. Flexible, versatile and compatible in various...

This deliverable contains a detailed definition of the requirements and
specifications of the watsan kits. The full document gives already the
first ideas for the kits towards concept and design.

This document reports on the further development of the various watsan kits (concept, design, early prototype) as well as the next steps to be taken. Not all kits under development follow exactly the same path or timing. Most important is that the work...

deliverable covers the design phase and first evaluation of the various
potential kits of container based medical infrastructure.

This deliverable analyses existing small-scale and / or flexible digester types and describes own developed of alternative ideas for flexible digesters.

This deliverable presents solutions to provide systems based on photovoltaic panels for electricity for lighting, charging of electronics, etc. In particular, two different specific solutions have been developed:

  • Socket embedded in...

This deliverable, covers the first phase of the development of the so-called Mobile Recycling Kit (MRK),and reports on the definition and design phase of the kits.