Technische universiteit Eindhoven

Main role S(P)EEDKITS

The Eindhoven University of Technology has a Shelter Research Group, offering their skills and knowledge in the field of building technology and product development to the Humanitarian Sector. As such they are within S(p)eedkits involves in the development and prototyping of light weight modular shelter solutions for various conditions (WP2).
The “Architecture, Building and Planning” group of TU/E is involved in the production of easily usable building materials from the existing debris in a disaster area by means of combining multiple technologies.

Brief description of the organisation

Eindhoven University of Technology was established in 1956 as a Technical college, but has gained the status of university.
The Department of Architecture, Building & Planning (DoABP) strives not only to focus on architectural design, but to cover the complete area in building, construction and architecture. The Shelter Research Group (SRG) was established as a result of the cooperation of DoAPB of TU/e with the Netherlands Red Cross in the field of sheltering. The SRG consists of members from various department sections which include product development, building technology and structural engineering.

The Buildings Material Group (BMG) at the Tu/e is involved in a number of European projects on the subjects of sustainability and durability of concrete structures. The research interests include the development of new building materials composed of cement, gypsum, lime and cementitious by-products, such as concrete and stabilized waste, and based on fired clay, such as advanced bricks.

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