Internationales Biogas und Bioenergie Kompetenzzentrum

Main role in S(P)EEDKITS

IBBK is a partner in this project and contributes expert knowledge on energy production from biogas. The main task is to develop a flexible, yet sturdy biogas plant that treats both human and kitchen waste to generate energy. Additionally IBBK develops an interface for the waste reception as well as a pasteuriser unit to convert human faeces into a material that is safe to handle.

Brief description of the organisation

The International Biogas and Bioenergy Competence Centre (IBBK) is an amalgamation and network of experts and companies, as well as interest groups and educational institutes in the field of biogas and bioenergy. IBBK's work covers regional, national and international activities. IBBK aims at promoting anaerobic digestion technology worldwide and contribute to improving AD technology by initiating knowledge transfer and strenghten the capacity of people involved in this business. This is mainly done through training courses and events, project work and consulting services.

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