Materials for Shade Nets

Date of resource: 
March, 2016

a guideline to select the most performant materials to enhance the living conditions inside emergency shelters

Emergency situations often occur in hot climates. To provide comfortable living conditions inside the shelters of refugees or homeless people, it must be prevented that the inner shelter temperature rises significantly above the outside temperature. The inner temperature can easily be lowered by using shade nets.

In this guideline the results of the testing of 24 samples of shading nets, with different colours and/or constructions to cover a diverse range of materials are extensively described.
Tests included:

  • Shading performance: Thermal performance of shade nets; lLight transmittance and shade factor, Influence of colour and shade factors on thermal performance
  • Mechanical aspects: Weight of the shade nets; Tear strength; Tensile strength; Resistance to ageing; Burning behaviour
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