Fixings Used for Shelters Made from Flexible Fabrics Rope Tensioners

Date of resource: 
March, 2016
A guideline on fixings used for shelters made from flexible fabrics and rope tensioners

This guideline consists of 2 parts, both needed to answer the not so easy question: How to attach a fabric to a frame?

Whoever tried to fix any textile cladding material to a frame, knows that this simple question does not come with a simple answer.

The research presented in the first part of the booklet aims to provide a clear visibility on the behaviour and performance of different fixing systems available on the market or commonly used by humanitarian agencies.

Part 2 reports what the researchers have found when researching rope tensioners. They tested the maximum forces that can be manually applied to a guiding rope and have analyzed several tensioning systems. The maximum force will have a big influence on the structural behaviour of the tensioned membrane.

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