D’Appolonia SPA

Main role in S(P)EEDKITS

Within S(P)EEDKITS, D'Appolonia is responsible in the frame of WP5 Deployment and transport” for the development of a Decision Support Tool (DST) for determining which units and which type of them should be deployed as well as prioritization. Moreover D’Appolonia is in charge for the development of a software tool and tracking system suited for central operational planning & for local assessment of the situation. In WP4 D’Appolonia is involved in the development of solar energy based solutions. The main representative from DAPP will also act as Exploitation Manager.

Brief description of the organisation

D'Appolonia is a major Italian firm which provides integrated engineering services to clients belonging both to the public and the private sector in the energy, environment, construction, oil and gas, transport, electronics and telecommunications domains.

Read more about D'Appolonia S.p.A on the website: http://www.dappolonia.it