S(P)EEDKITS Biogas Kit testing in South Africa

January 8, 2016

Just before Christmas S(P)EEDKITS partner IBBK has sent their prototype Biogas Kit to Saron, South Africa for testing. Saron is an agricultural community in the Cape region, about a 1,5 hour drive northeast of Cape Town.

Together with the South African organisation Green Road which is working together with the community in organic farming, a farm was identified as test location based on a questionnaire on on-site evaluation. The selected farm is amongst the poorest members of the community and is neither connected to the electricity grid nor are toilets available. The biogas kit will be erected in combination with raised latrines. At the beginning the gas will be used for cooking, but in the longer term it might also be used for other purposes. As of 6 January 2016 the digester has been completely erected within 2 hours after the farmer has provided level ground the days before. Filling started the day after and we are eagerly to see the filled digester start operating.

Opening of Box at test site

Erecting digester Frame

Digester in frame

Digester filling with manual pump