Mobile Hospital placed in Congo Brazzaville

This January, Hospitainer implemented the first mobile hospital project in Congo Brazzaville. The goal of this project is to bring free healthcare services to the people of this African country.

A team of Hospitainer has, additionaly, provided a technical training to 15 local medical experts. The mobile hospital consists of four medical trailers, and includes trucks and inflatable tents. The hospital can facilitate medical services such as:

  •  surgery,
  •  sterilization of medical devices,
  •  dentistry,
  •  radiology (X-ray) and,
  •  ophthalmology.

Medicines and consumables (bandages, dressings, gloves, needles etc.) are supplied for the first 2000 surgeries to help the medical team start the provision of care per direct. This type of medical services in a mobile hospital have been researched, developed and tried within the S(P)EEDKITS project and are part of the WP4: Infrastructure: Medical, energy, re-building.

The rapid deployable hospital offers all medical services required in a field hospital. After a disaster, healthcare facilities are often not operational anymore and both victims of the disaster as ‘normal cases’ are lacking medical care. Within the S(P)EEDKITS project a rapid deployable hospital is developed to offer healthcare services to both categories of patients directly after the disaster has struck.

The structure should also be the seed for a new start, replacing the destroyed infrastructure. In Congo Brazzaville this structure will also be a start for further development of a medical infrastructure.