Partner IFRC-SRU tests winterisation kits in Mongolia


Partner IFRC-SRU is currently (January – February 2015) testing winterised tents and winterisation kits in Mongolia. A winterisation kit is an upgrade for a family shelter that provides protection against the cold winter temperatures. Mongolia was chosen because of its extremely cold, long winters and short and cool summers. For this research, IFRC-SRU works together with the British Red Cross and the Mongolian Red Cross.

One of the winterisation solutions being tested is a solution developed within S(P)EEDKITS by partners IFRC-SRU, SIOEN and Centexbel.

 Overview of the test site in Mongolia where different solutions for winterized shelters are being tested. The goal is to measure the efficiency of winterisation kits for thermal insulation of a family shelter.

 The winterisation solution developed within S(P)EEDKITS. This solution is installed in the two tents at the right end of the middle row (see picture of the site overview above).

Further, also the so-called Shelter Socket, developed within S(P)EEDKITS by partners PRACTICA and IFRC-SRU, is being tested. This is a novel system that enables easy, reversible but theft-proof mounting of an A4-sized panel on a shelter membrane. On the outside, it has photovoltaic panel; on the inside it offers a universal socket for charging typical electronic devices, like a smart phone.

More information (including a short item shown on the Mongolian television) can be found here: