Changes in the concept latrine

In the Spring of 2014, the initial concept of the S(P)eedkits latrine has been modified and is evaluated by the British Red Cross during  the summer of 2014.

The latest model of the raised latrine is a modular kit which consists of several sub-kits that can be combined according to the local need.


The basic structure consist of an aluminum framework.

The sides of the superstructure of the latrine is covered with coated textile. This design, which was proposed by Sioen and WASTE, allows to bring a modularity aspect when placing several latrines next to each other. The colours of the canvas can be customized to the beneficiary wishes. In addition, the latrine can be upgraded for long term use by applying local material and a so-called ‘Upgrade Kit’. This kit contains a manual drill and plugs to attach local material, such as wooden planks, to the frame thus replacing the canvas.

The feacal sludge can be collected in two ways; either by placing a so-called kliko (see image above) under the slab which can be easily removed or by placing a bladder which needs to be emptied with a specific desludging device.

In July 2014, the prototype of this latrine concept has been submitted to the British Red Cross for further testing and evaluation.