Debris recycling in disaster areas

Based on the S(P)EEDKITS concept, and in contrast with existing solutions, the Mobile Recycling Kit is designed as an attuned process which is suitable for rapid deployment in disaster areas. Hence, two sub kits are designed which combined are able to produce easily usable building materials from the existing debris in a disaster area.

TU/e is developing the first stage of the Mobile Recycling Kit, the Clearing Kit. This comprises various steps in debris processing, e.g. collection, transport, removal of contaminants, treatment and preparation, for it to become ideal concrete constituents. Since this process is designed to enable to be supported by both a manual and/or a mechanised workforce, a high capacity is achievable, labour is created and the local economy is kick-started.
During the S(p)eedkits project, specific equipment has been designed and built for this purpose. With this equipment a pilot test set-up is currently being built and tested using real concrete debris.