De Mobiele Fabriek B.V.

Main role in S(P)EEDKITS

Within the group of  companies of the S(P)EEDKITS consortium De Mobiele Fabriek’s mission is to create awareness amongst parties involved in the (re)development and (re)construction of third world and developing countries to experience construction rubble as an economic valuable commodity instead of cost related waste. Moreover a debris-free city is the basis of sustainable developments in a safer environment. This means that they are involved in the tasks falling under the workpackage focusing on Infrastructure (WP4)

Brief description of the organisation

De Mobiele Fabriek is a sustainable network organization, operating in the centre of a variety of human and business related partners. De Mobiele Fabriek stands for the sustainable knowledge and production centre that develops initiatives and technologies to transform (upcycling) construction rubble into normalized building products.

World wide construction rubble is by far in volume the largest polluter of the ecosystem. In western countries construction rubble is transferred into granulate, which is used under road infrastructures. In Holland 95 to 98% of the rubble supply is used in that way. De MoMF focuses therefore on markets of the Eastern partners of the E.U. as well as developing countries outside Europe.

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